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Visoko Pyramids Tour

Although the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite divided about this phenomenon, everyone agrees that something unusual was founded in Visoko.


The biggest controversy in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2006 is whether the pyramids really exist or not. By this very moment, a lot of volunteers joined in digging the tunnels in the hills of the small town Visoko nearby Sarajevo and a lot of eminent scientists showed interest and took part in this project. The results of the performed analysis in the past years show certain proofs that the underground tunnels, entrances and connections were built by a human. One thing is for certain: the facts which are published and the whole theory about the pyramids are noteworthy.

Visoko is a small crafty town located in central Bosnia. It was an early center of the Bosnian medieval state, and the sight where the first Bosnian King Tvrtko I was crowned. Visoko lies on Bosnia River and in modern history it will be remembered thanks to the Bosnian pyramids and Semir Osmanagić who started this explorative project.
Pyramids trip lasts around 4-5 hours. Departure time is optional. On the way to Visoko, the drive will last 45 minutes and the tour guide will give You elementary information about the city, history and pyramids. There are two interesting places to visit in this tour. Visočica is a hill overlooking the town of Visoko. Semir Osmanagić claims that Visočica and several surrounding hills concealed pyramids. So, the first place we visit are the tunnels under Visočica with a specialized tour guide and after that we go to stone blocks on Visočica hill.
After the tour we always leave guests and their imagination to sum up impressions and maybe try to discover even more. We will be happy to answer Your questions.

Hope You will like it as some of our guests who even volunteered in pyramids discovering project.
Departure: Every day, Optional

Included: Transportation, Tour guide, Tickets

Duration: Not Limited

Two persons minimum

Discount for larger groups
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