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Srebrenica genocide Tour

Never forget!


July 11th is the day of grief in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this day we mark the anniversary of the genocide and the massive and brutal killing of Muslim men, women and children. 8372 is the number of victims in the genocide, and it is not a finite number. Every year there is more human remains to be buried on July 11th. This is the date that is etched in the memory of the world population, and a story that should be heard by everyone.

Srebrenica is a small town, stuck in the mountains of the eastern part of the country. This quiet and sad town will give You the feeling that time stopped there back in 1995 and hasn't moved since.
During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the town was the site of the second largest genocide in Europe after the Second World War which happened in July in 1995 on the Bosniac population. More than 8000 men were killed in just couple of days. Genocide happened in area of Srebrenica called Potočari where the big Memorial cemetery lies on one side and a Memorial room in a former accumulator factory on the other.
These two places with a city of Srebrenica are focus of our tour. Guests have an opportunity to see the 30 minutes long movie and to speak with the survivors. After the tour and the movie, You can take some time for Yourself, take a walk, have coffee or lunch and explore. You will have some strong feelings after what you have seen in this whole complex, for sure.

Never forget!
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