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Sarajevo under the siege – 1425 Days

The best possible way to fully understand the siege of Sarajevo!


Bosnia and Herzegovina has suffered a lot through its history, and the last war represents one of the hardest times. In this tour you will be told about the survival skills and about different aspects of life under the siege. The struggle for life was an ordinary event, and the enthusiasm and pure love for our homeland were the real motivation. Do not miss to experience the food from the war time, to see enemy lines, homemade guns, weapons, the famous Tunnel of hope, and of course, to hear interesting stories and tales. This is a unique way to travel through the siege.

Sarajevo under the siege or 1425 days under the siege tour, as we also like to call it, is definitely one of the most popular tours in Sarajevo; probably because of the famous Tunnel of Hope and the fact that this was the longest siege in modern warfare. The story actually begins back in Jugoslavian country, which unfortunately started falling apart after Tito’s death. The war in Bosnia was an important topic back in 1990’s all over the world, and since the war was completely unexpected and confusing (mostly because media could not report objectively) our guests want to learn more and hear personal experiences. 

So, in cca four hours of this tour we try to create a complete picture of historical events, political circumstances and survival. On the way to our first destination, our guides will give You an introduction, show You Sniper Alley, memorial to brutally murdered children, and other important war related objects. Then we will make a first stop to visit the Tunnel of Hope Museum, that was dug by ingenious and brave citizens of Sarajevo. The tunnel was the only entrance and exit of the occupied city, and represented hope and strength of its people. Tunnel gave desperate people opportunity to get some food, medical supplies and save severely injured civilians and soldiers. Guests get to walk in tunnel for 25m, saved as it was originally, to experience the struggle. 
After the Tunnel, we continue from Federation entity to Rebuplika Srpska to our next stop – Olympic Mountain Trebević where we will enjoy a stunning view of the city from 1230 m above the sea level. The guests will be shown enemy lines and the bob track from Winter Olympic Games hosted by Sarajevo in 1984. The track is one of the most beautiful abandoned places in the world and definitely a “must see”!

The last stop will be the Jewish Cemetery, the second largest in Europe and a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage title. This cemetery was the battleground between Bosnian Army and Serbian forces during the siege. On the way back to city center we will also see memorial bridge of the first two victims of the war.

Join us for this great historical experience and You will not regret it!

-Sniper Alley
-Tunnel of Hope Museum
-Entering the second entity (Republic of Srpska)
-Olympic Mt. Trebević
-Stunning viewpoint on Sarajevo
-Cable car
-Walking on a bob track
-Jewish cemetery
-Grbavica neighbourhood
-Bridge of the first two victims of the siege
Summer time (every day at 1 PM, Fridays at 2 PM)
Winter time (every day at 1 PM)
Or You can choose the time that suits Your wishes

Included: Transportation, Tour guide, Tickets

Type: Walking/Driving Tour

Duration: 3 – 4h

Discount for larger groups
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