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Sarajevo Skakavac Waterfall

Life rule #32: Anytime You're asked to join a waterfall chase, You say YES!


In the strange and calming stillness of the forest, you can only hear the birds chirping and the sound of water. An owl will welcome you to the woods, and here you will also find a very diverse and endemic flora. The waterfall is an attraction for the tourists and for the locals, as well. Under the waterfall you can feel the fresh sprinkles on your skin and take a rest from the busy urban world for a while. Join us and take some rest in the place nearby Sarajevo, to wake Your inner devotion of the mountain and fresh air.

Skakavac Waterfall is about 12 km north of Sarajevo, making this an easy half/full day trip. After a little bit of driving and light hiking, You will be in the front of 98-meter high waterfall, the highest one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes it the fifth highest one on the Balkan.
We recommend You to bring a bottle of water and to wear nice shoes for light hiking, and of course to respect this beauty and to not leave anything behind so this beautiful nature preserved and knows it is cherished. 
Departure: Every day, Optional

Included: Transportation, Tour guide

Duration: Not Limited

Four persons minimum

Discount for larger groups
+387 61 661 306
Ferhadija 19 - 71000 Sarajevo,
Bosna i Hercegovina
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