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Sarajevo Sevdah time Tour

The authors of the 'sevdalinka' are unknown, which means it was created within the people, and has been transmitted and shaped for generations to come as a perfectly eradicated and shaped form and it has been preserved to this day.


The traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly during the Ottoman period, can be divided in urban and rural. The urban music is better known as 'sevdalinka', a word which originates from the concept of 'sevdah'. This term comes from the Arabic word 'sawda', which means 'dark gall', but in Turkish it is associated with a melancholic mood and feeling. The Bosnian meaning is more like 'lust', 'love passion' or 'love suffering'.

The Ottoman occupation, the rule of the Sultan, the historical battles and the way of life and specific customs brought to Bosnia have been a great source of inspiration for the poets who created the 'sevdalinka'. The texts and melodies are still echoing lively after many years of intense history. 'Sevdalinka' is a unique blend of eastern and western music influences and which differ considerably from all neighbouring folk heritage. Some songs show a unique form of melancholic feelings with slow rhythm, and some are cheerful and optimistic.
Many 'sevdalinka' are love songs, which describe special stories between girls and boys, and some are historical accounts of significant events in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way, many 'sevdalinka' are a unique remnants of Bosnian history and culture and are extremely important for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people.

Often, the terms 'sevdah' and 'sevdalinka' are mixed. 'Sevdalinka' is a song typical for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 'sevdah' is a state of mind that is achieved by listening to 'sevdalinka', but also by other things, such as, for example, the 'sevdah' achievede by looking at an old picture or at a kind of a landscape.
Today life is fast, with not so many social interactions between people, not many people sing, or they sing without love, no emotions, motive, sincerity, no sense and inspiration. With these feelings there is no room for 'sevdah'. 'Sevdah' is testimony to the days that were a moment in time, and then, they became an eternity.

When in Sarajevo, in many small coffee shops, 'sevdalinka' can be heard, but don’t miss the opportunity to have a live performance of 'sevdalinka' right in front of Your eyes, to absorb the energy of the traditional Bosnian love song, to feel the Bosnian spirit in a relaxed atmosphere of a mahala. In the cosiness of a traditional Bosnian house, You will be told impressive stories about Bosnian culture and the way of life. Offering a unique experience, Bosnian coffee, rahatlokum and other finest delicacies, accompanied by the soothing 'sevdalinka' live performance, we will make You fall in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Be our guests in this beautiful night to remember.

Departure: Every day, Optional

Included: Transportation, tour guide, live performance, traditional meal, Bosnian coffee and sweets

Duration: Not Limited

Ten persons minimum

Discount for larger groups
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