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National Park Sutjeska Tour

Relaxation for the heart and the soul!


The National Park 'Sutjeska' rightfully carries the adjective of the pearls of the Republic of Srpska. The oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina extends to 16,052.34 ha, and more than 66% is covered with forests, while the rest is covered with meadows, pastures and tents. Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is home to the last rainforest in Europe. Moreover, the highest peak of the mountain Maglić (2386 meters above the sea level) is also located within the national park and at the same time it is the highest peak in the whole country. Sutjeska is known to the wider public as the site of the Battle of Sutjeska in 1943 during the Second World War.
Most of the visitors of the National Park Sutjeska cannot describe what they see and feel here. Many simply say: 'Relaxation for the heart and soul!'. Wherever Your glance falls upon and wherever it lands, a new experience arrives. Here, in the primeval nature, everyone can find what they want: the tranquil calm on a mountainous hill. Here you can see and feel all the senses of the beauty of nature; the hook and the mystical silence of the forest, the bubble of crystal clear rivers and streams, a wild game and clinging to the eagle, a wonderful game of shadows on the Mt. Zelengora lakes and the wave of mountain pastures. Nature has indeed richly endowed this unique part of Balkan.
When it comes to hiking, people mostly visit Sutjeska because they want to experience the beautiful nature of this park, so there are obviously many marked paths for mountaineers in order to be able to fully explore the park. There are nine hiking trails in total, the longest and the longest length of 22 kilometers, and it usually takes 8 hours to cross with a moderate pace of walking and no rest. Longer trails require caution, good physical fitness and proper footwear, so if You do not consider Yourself fit enough, You should choose short shots.

It’s an unforgettable sight to see the wolves and the bears in their natural surroundings, so do not be surprised if You experience it.

Departure: Every day, Optional

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Duration: Not Limited

Two persons minimum

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