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Mountain Village Lukomir Tour

If there is a place where the sky touches the landscape and where the medieval way of life of the Dinaric Highlander remains, then it is certainly Lukomir village!


This adventurous tour is perfect for nature lovers, passionate hikers, and everybody who needs a relaxation from everyday stress in a unique and quiet place. This tour is a good way to experience life in small authentic mountain houses, try homemade bio-food, play with the animals and walk in the wonderful untouched natural resources that are considered to be the treasure of our country. This is the most remote village settled in the hills of the Olympic mountain Bjelašnica, and it has an interesting historical background.

Lukomir is inhabited village at the highest altitude of 1495 m above the sea level and the most distant one at the same time. So prepare for an exciting off-road ride on the rocky road in Land Rover Defender Jeep. Make sure You wear comfortable shoes so You can walk around and take some crazy pictures. You will certainly enjoy the view, fresh and perfectly clean air and water and natural resources of Olympic mountain Bjelašnica in general. We usually spend some time with the locals, and if You like they can also prepare some traditional food from domestic products.
Lukomir is like a live ethno museum, in which the customs of the nomadic tribes are practiced and live the traditional way of life of the Dinaric peaks. It is an important part of the historical, cultural, architectural and ambient heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Stećaks scattered around the village say that it was inhabited in the 14th and 15th centuries. Lukomir is known for traditional clothes, and women still wear knitted garments as they were worn a few centuries ago.
There is no road ahead, and there is an end of the fort that ends with a beautiful view of the Rakitnica canyon. Other two sides are overwhelmed by the mountain peaks which will call you to climb on their peaks to reward you with a breathtaking look.
Departure: In accordance with the season

Included: Transportation, Tour guide

Duration: Not Limited

Two persons minimum

Discount for larger groups
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