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Kraljeva Sutjeska/Bobovac Tour

Kraljeva Sutjeska and Bobovac are one of the most important historical monuments, so don't miss out on an opportunity to experience the perfect getaway into the past!


By the arrival in Kraljeva Sutjeska You will have the feeling that You have sailed through time and have returned to the past. Kraljeva Sutjeska and fortress Bobovac were the seat of two Bosnian kings of the Kotromanić, Tomaš and Tvrtko dynasties. The importance of this historical fortress is also that the Bosnian royal crown was guarded, the royal grave chapel, which is assumed that King Stjepan Ostoja ordered the old bishop’s church to be rearranged for that purpose.
Three Bosnian kings are buried there: Stjepan Ostoja, Tvrtko II Kotromanić and Stjepan Tomaš Kotromanić. The only fully preserved object in Bobovac is the mausoleum which Queen Katarina raised to the King Tvrtko after his death. His remains were moved to an unknown location during the last war. For the last Bosnian Queen, St. Catherine, women wear, as a sign of grief in their traditional costumes, and cover the head with a black scarf.

We recommend You to bring bottle of water and to wear nice shoes for some light hiking, and to be ready for a short history lesson. In about a 2-hour long drive, You will be in Kraljeva Sutjeska, getting closer to Bobovac, medieval town. Join in, and You will be thrilled by what You hear and see.

Departure: In accordance with the season

Included: Transportation, Tour guide

Duration: Not Limited

Two persons minimum

Discount for larger groups

*Please have in mind that tour is bookable from 15th May until 1st December.
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